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The Purpose of this Organization is to Promote and Preserve the Unity of all Boom Operators who Serve or have Served and/or Retired from Active Duty in the USAF, USAF Reserve, and the National Guard; their Widows and Associates by Providing the Following:

  • Periodic Reunions where a Maximum of Former Comrades-in-Arms may Gather together to Visit, Display Momentos, and Bring each other up to Date on Relevant Events since the Last Reunion.

  • A Central Registry where Current Addresses of Present and Former Boomers may be Maintained.

  • A Historical Record of Inflight Refueling.

  • Rosters and Newsletters as Needed.

IF you are NOT Currently an I.F.R. Association Member and are Currently Serving or have Served as a USAF Inflight Refueling Specialist (A.K.A. Boom Operator), Please Fill out and Submit the Membership Application Form from the Home Page to Initiate the Membership Process Approval as Indicated Below in Step 1.

*AFTER you Receive your Membership Form Approval Email Notification, Select an Annual or Lifetime Membership Plan Below, Click Log In, Log In With your Email and Password, and Submit your Payment Plan as Indicated Below in Step 2.

Please Do the Following:

Step 1. Go to the Home Page and Click Log in. Then Click on Sign Up" Next to "New to this Site?.

Once your Membership Application is Received by the Association, it Will be Validated and Approved, Followed by an Email Notification of Acceptance. 

Then Proceed to Step 2.

Step 2. Make your Plan Payment from the below Membership Plans.

Members or New Members Unable to Utilize the On-line Features May Print a Copy of the I.F.R. Application PDF, Fill it out Completely, Mail it Along with your Plan Payment; (Checks Made Payable to I.F.R Association), and Mail it to:

Marvin Aldrich, I.F.R. Treasurer, P.O. Box 29, Plain Dealing, LA 71064-0029.


We Welcome All Interested Boomers to Attend an I.F.R. Reunion to Determine Future Interest; However, All Participants or Qualified Guests Must be Registered as an Active  Member for a Minimum of One Year to Participate.

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P.O. Box 29
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